General Rules of Conduct

  • No spam. Plain 'n' simple. We don't like it and you will be promptly banned from the site. Spam includes: jokes that make absolutely no sense, pointless blog posts, vandalism, etc. Spam
  • Do not add overly derogatory jokes to the site. They will be immediately pulled off of the site and will result warning, then a ban.
  • Don't Pointsgame. Pointsgaming
  • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT post pornographic images on the picture galleries. See above (^^) for repercussions.
  • Do not create or partake in WikiDrama. Did someone say your joke sucked and you are all of teh butthurts? Is someone spamming your page? That doesn't give free reign to spam the hell out of something they've contributed too. Let the appointed site officials deal with it. Creating and/or contributing to wiki drama will earn you a ban.
  • Do not troll. Make sure that at least someone will find your joke amusing. We know that anti humor isn't everyone's cup of tea, per se.
  • Above all, USE COMMON SENSE!!!
  • Whenever you post a joke please (and it's OC) leave your signature by placing four tildes (four of ~ << these). Also do this whenever you leave a message on an article's or user's talk page.
  • Add jokes to the Article Listing page by clicking on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the name of the article.
  • The only articles that should go on here are jokes and jokes only. If it's a picture add it to the gallery and if it's a blog... make it a blog post.
  • If you see a glaring mistake in spelling on an article or title... feel free to change it. Otherwise there is hardly any reason to edit a page without permission from the user who posted the joke.

Chat Rules

  • No drama in the chat.
  • No spamming the chat.
  • No discussing spammers/vandals in the chat.
  • No sexual talk in chat.

Chat moderators have the right to kickban you if you break one of the chat rules.